The ultimate A-10 — ‘Warthog’ set to be transformed with a raft of upgrades

Just five years ago, the US Air Force A-10 fleet looked to be dead and buried as the type was offered up for divestment as a cost cutting … Read More

‘Blacksnakes’ in contact

When the Indiana Air National Guard’s 163rd Fighter Squadron ‘Blacksnakes’ deployed to Central Command (CENTCOM) in 2014, it … Read More

The view you don’t want of an A-10!

An A-10C bearing down, ready to unleash its 30mm Gatling is bad news for any enemy force on the battlefield. Luckily this time it’s … Read More

USAF may replace the A-10

The US Air Force is being backed into a corner when it comes to retiring the A-10. Pressure from some US Senators and advocates of … Read More


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