Lockheed Martin says it won’t protest T-X

Boeing’s $9.2-billion win in the US Air Force’s T-X trainer competition won’t be protested by competitor Lockheed … Read More

Boeing wins T-X trainer competition

The US Air Force has revealed Boeing as the winner of one of its most hotly contested procurement competitions in years — the T-X … Read More

Boeing completes second T-X aircraft

Boeing has completed production of its second BTX-1 aircraft (serial N382TX). The aircraft is pictured here alongside the first aircraft … Read More

Boeing T-X takes flight

The Boeing contender for the US Air Force T-X requirement made its first flight today. Wearing the civilian registration N381TX, the … Read More

Clean-sheet T-X: a story of two halves

As the release of the formal Request For Proposals (RFP) from the US Air Force is eagerly awaited, the two clean-sheet T-X trainer … Read More

Boeing/Saab T-X

Boeing, in partnership with Saab, is offering a ‘clean sheet’ design for the T-X competition. BTX-1 program history In … Read More

Boeing T-X evaluated

In our forthcoming November issue, out this Thursday, Jon Lake makes a thorough evaluation of the new Boeing T-X aircraft. The first … Read More

Boeing/Saab go ‘all out’ on T-X

The unveiling of the Boeing/Saab team’s ‘clean sheet’ T-X design today in St. Louis has lived up to expectation. … Read More

Boeing T-X update: not one, but two jets

In the course of today’s (September 13) unveiling of the first prototype T-X offering from Boeing and its project partner Saab, … Read More

What does the Boeing T-X ‘clean sheet’ aircraft need to offer? #CATX

Next Tuesday September 13, Boeing and partner Saab will roll out their brand new T-X trainer design for the world to see. Reporters … Read More


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