Turkish delight at ‘Anatolian Eagle’

The Turkish Air Force wraps-up exercise ‘Anatolian Eagle’ today, the first time it has held this large scale training event … Read More

F-35 operators combine for ‘Tri-Lightning’

A pair of F-35 Lightning IIs each from the US Air Force, the Royal Air Force/Royal Navy and the Israeli Air Force have flown a joint … Read More

British F-35s have secretly been flying missions into Syria and Iraq

The UK’s F-35B Lightnings deployed to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, since May have been flying combat missions over Syria and Iraq, Defence … Read More

AMRAAM successor: JATM breaks cover

The US Air Force has revealed that it has been secretly developing a new air-to-air missile to supersede the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range … Read More

US Gulf air power on show

The US military has made no secret of the increase in its air power deployed to the Persian Gulf region as tensions run high with Iran. … Read More

Iran shoots down US Navy drone — full details on Navy RQ-4A

US Central Command confirmed that a US Navy RQ-4A Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Demonstrator (BAMS-D) aircraft was shot down by … Read More

Paris Air Show’s double fighter reveal

The first day of the biennial Paris Air Show was dominated by breaking military aviation stories as two new sixth-generation fighter … Read More

Saab flies third Gripen E but won’t participate in Swiss evaluation

Swedish aerospace giant Saab conducted the first flight of its third Gripen E (serial 39-10) test aircraft on  June 10. It followed … Read More

USAF overhauls F-35 training plans

The US Air Force is re-shuffling its fifth-generation fighter Formal Training Units (FTUs). Eglin AFB, Florida, is to expand its resident … Read More

F-15EX gets tentative go-ahead

It looks like the US Air Force will get the go-ahead to commence procurement of the new Boeing F-15EX. However, a House Armed Services … Read More


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