Marine Harriers set for extended service

The 2019 US Marine Corps TACAIR plan is out, and for Harrier fans it makes great reading. The Corps says it now plans to retain its … Read More

‘Blacksnakes’ in contact

When the Indiana Air National Guard’s 163rd Fighter Squadron ‘Blacksnakes’ deployed to Central Command (CENTCOM) in 2014, it … Read More

F-15X: the story of the USAF’s new Eagle

The US Air Force looks set to purchase its first new F-15 Eagles since 2001 — so what has spurred this move? US Air Force Secretary … Read More

‘Vega 31’ Nighthawk shootdown — 20 years on

The end of the Cold War triggered the collapse of European communism and subsequent breakup of Yugoslavia, Paul Crickmore wrote in … Read More

Nighthawk lives on — exclusive video

Having broken the story of the most dramatic F-117 sighting since 2008, Combat Aircraft presents this exclusive video on the incredible … Read More

Remembering the ‘Selfridge Rhinos’

What better name could there be for a competitive event intended to demonstrate and celebrate prowess in the interception business … Read More

‘Bleed Blue!’

The April issue of Combat Aircraft is out now and it includes incredible behind-the-scenes coverage of RAF Lakenheath’s 492nd … Read More

Big year for ‘Red Flag’

Nellis AFB is gearing up for a busy year of ‘Red Flag’ exercises. ’19-1′ wraps up this week, with ’19-2′ … Read More

Japan’s ‘hyper-Viper’

You could tell two quite different stories about the Japanese Mitsubishi F-2 fighter, which was originally known as the FS-X, explains … Read More

Strike Eagle squadron — coming soon to Combat Aircraft

Ever wondered what it’s like to spend a day in the life of a famous USAF fighter squadron? Combat Aircraft has been behind-the-scenes … Read More


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