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Expanding aggressor community brings welcome variety

In a world where fighter aircraft are increasingly painted dull gray and fifth-generation in design — they are highly-capable but … Read More

Vertical challenges – part 2

In our December issue is the concluding part of this two-part series, as Combat Aircraft looks back at how the US Marine Corps fielded … Read More

‘Ample Strike’

Náměšť air base in the Czech Republic seems an unlikely place to find Arizona Air National Guard (ANG) F-16s at work. However, … Read More

‘Fiends’ in Combat Aircraft

Heading to Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks is an opportunity that you jump at — and the scope of this trip was something very … Read More

UK F-35B debuts landing technique

BAE Systems F-35 test pilot Peter ‘Wizzer’ Wilson debuted the ship-borne rolling vertical landing (SRVL) technique for … Read More

Vertical challenges

‘All tactical aircraft should possess a short/vertical takeoff and landing capability as soon as it is technically feasible without … Read More

‘Green Bats’ lead the way as USAF prepares for high-end fight

Nellis AFB, Nevada, is arguably one of the most important installations when it comes to the US Air Force fighter community. Spearheading … Read More

‘Avengers’ in combat

As VMFA-211 ‘Wake Island Avengers’ mark the F-35B’s combat debut, it’s worth re-visiting our exclusive feature … Read More

Draken International in Combat Aircraft

Commercial Adversary Air (ADAIR) support is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of military aviation. The market in the US has … Read More

‘Vampires’ in Combat Aircraft

Screaming down a remote valley to hit a target with precision, banging down on a carrier deck, engaging fighters at range — it’s … Read More


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