USAF strategic bombers gearing up for the future threat

Against a backdrop of resurgent Russian Long-Range Aviation — Moscow’s equivalent — and an expanding Chinese bomber force, Air … Read More

Navy aggressor mission in the spotlight

As the contractor aggressor mission ramps up to meet increased demand, the US Navy is still maximising the support from its Tactical … Read More

Famous Navy squadron is turning 100

VFA-14 ‘Tophatters’ — the US Navy’s ‘oldest and boldest’ air squadron — marks its centenary in September. Informally … Read More

What do aggressor aircraft actually do?

Combat Aircraft’s exclusive post at the weekend that showed photographs of a US Air Force F-117 in possible hybrid colors raised … Read More

Defending Peruvian skies

Latin American air arms have traditionally been keen operators of French aircraft. While Peru isn’t the first nation you might think … Read More

Nellis ‘Panther’ tamers

While politics and popular media divide opinion on the F-35, the US Air Force is quietly and confidently getting on with the job of … Read More

Saab flies third Gripen E but won’t participate in Swiss evaluation

Swedish aerospace giant Saab conducted the first flight of its third Gripen E (serial 39-10) test aircraft on  June 10. It followed … Read More

‘Centurion’ Typhoon — the cornerstone of RAF ‘combat air’

There’s a quiet revolution going on. After years of degradation, ‘mass’ is a word that is finally gaining traction when it comes … Read More

Nellis aggressors — bad guys on the rise

As the temperature hits 30-degrees, four pilots step into the searing heat of a bright Nevada morning, quickly slapping on their sunglasses … Read More

‘Knighthawks’ — the ’emergency response’ squadron

The US Navy is focused on the big buzzword of readiness and its ability to become more dynamically deployable. VFA-136 ‘Knighthawks’ … Read More


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