‘Northern Lightning’ in full stride

Photo: Ivan Voukadinov


When thinking of large-force employment (LFE) exercises that provide integration of fourth- and fifth-generation assets with adversary and full-spectrum threat simulation, ‘Red Flag’ likely first comes to mind.

It is perhaps the most well known and is certainly the largest training deployment in terms of units and aircraft. However, exercise ‘Northern Lightning’, held twice a year at Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) in Wisconsin, has become one of the premier exercises providing LFE and high-fidelity training tailored to meet specific needs at squadron or unit level.

The latest iteration, ‘Northern Lightning 19-2’, was held in August and Ivan Voukadinov will present a full report in our November issue.

F-35As on the flight line during ‘Northern Lightning’ in August. Ivan Voukadinov

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