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Luftwaffe Eurofighters police the Baltics

Photo: Jamie Hunter


The German Luftwaffe is two months into its latest period covering the enhanced Baltic Air Policing mission from Ämari air base in Estonia and it has already launched 16 ‘Alpha Scrambles’ to intercept Russian Air Force (VKS) aircraft that are operating in the area. Fighter Wing 74 (Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 74) is deployed from Neuberg air base in Bavaria, with five EF-2000s. The eight month deployment is being split evenly with JG 71 from Wittmund, which will cover the second four-month period of the mission.

The Luftwaffe has deployed its Tranche 2 standard aircraft for the latest BAP rotation, and the aircraft are typically armed with two live AIM-120B AMRAAMs, two IRIS-T short-tange missiles and a live 27mm cannon. Maintainers say the Eurofighters have held up well in the cold and damp Baltic conditions, with an impressive 97 per cent servicability rate being quoted.

A full report from Ämari, including interviews and images of the intercepts, will appear in the February issue of Combat Aircraft.

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