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Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria on the rise

Photo: Jamie Hunter


The US military started Operation ‘Roundup’ in May to target the final remnants of so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria. According to Air Forces Central Command, there had been 309 coalition kinetic strike sorties through the first three months of the year resulting in 1,821 weapons released. Strikes largely focused on the eastern Euphrates River Valley, with most taking place near the villages of Abu Kamal and Al Shadaddi. During the first 17 days of ‘Roundup’, the coalition conducted 132 strikes with 161 engagements, a significant increase over the 74 strikes conducted in March.

US and coalition aircraft ramped up strikes in May, with 225 strikes in 280 engagements, huge increase in the 74 strikes it conducted in March. According to US Central Command the strikes were focused on ISIS supply routes, tactical units, and logistics facilities near the Syrian villages of Abu Kamal and Al Shadaddi. There are some remnants of the group near the liberated city of Mosul, where strikes targeted IS tunnels.

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