HASC directs USAF to look at Raptor production re-start!

The US House Armed Services Committee has directed the USAF to look at a production re-start for the Lockheed martin F-22 Raptor.
In a release, the committee notes that production of the F-22 concluded in 2009, and notes 187 aircraft were produced, far short of the
initial program objective of 749 aircraft, as well as the Air Combat Command’s stated requirement of 381 aircraft.
The report continues:
The committee also understands there has beeninterest within the Department of the Air Force, Department of Defense, and
Congress in potentially restarting production of the F-22 aircraft. In light of growing threats to US air superiority as a result of adversaries closing the
technology gap and increasing demand from allies and partners for high-performance, multi-role aircraft to meet evolving and worsening global security
threats, the committee believes that such proposals are worthy of further exploration.
Therefore, the committee directs the Secretary of the Air Force to conduct a comprehensive assessment and study of the costs associated with resuming
production of F-22 aircraft and provide a report to the congressional defense committees, not later than January 1, 2017, on the findings of this assessment.

The report is expected to include F- 15C retirement plans and service-life extension programs; estimated next-generation aircraft initial operating capability dates; and estimated end-of-servicetimelines for existing F-22s.

Senior USAF officers have recently told CA that re-starting F-22 production would be prohibitively expensive, and some even ruled it out completely.

Others say that porting some F-35 technology into the F-22 would provide an immediate solution to the USAF’s F-X fighter needs in an expedient manner.


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