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Brought to you by the teams behind the world’s leading aviation publications and their network of contributors, www.Key.Aero combines … Read More

Boeing/Saab T-X named T-7A Red Hawk

The US Air Force has named the Boeing/Saab T-X advanced trainer as the T-7A Red Hawk, Air Force Acting Secretary Matt Donovan announced … Read More

Report says Boeing/Saab T-X trainer would make an ideal light fighter

A new study for the US Air Force says the key to expanding its fleet of fighter aircraft could lay in developing the new Boeing/Saab … Read More

The ultimate A-10 — ‘Warthog’ set to be transformed with a raft of upgrades

Just five years ago, the US Air Force A-10 fleet looked to be dead and buried as the type was offered up for divestment as a cost cutting … Read More

USAF strategic bombers gearing up for the future threat

Against a backdrop of resurgent Russian Long-Range Aviation — Moscow’s equivalent — and an expanding Chinese bomber force, Air … Read More

Spirits train alongside British Lightnings

The US Air Force deployed a task force of B-2A Spirit stealth bombers on August 26 from the 509th BW at Whiteman AFB in Missouri to … Read More

ATAC flies its first Mirage F1

Textron Airborne Solution’s Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) marked the first flight of one of its ex-French Air Force … Read More

Saab flies first Gripen E for Brazil

Saab completed the maiden flight of the first Gripen E fighter for Brazil on August 26. The aircraft (serial 39-6001) took off from … Read More

‘Northern Lightning’ in full stride

When thinking of large-force employment (LFE) exercises that provide integration of fourth- and fifth-generation assets with adversary … Read More

‘Madhatters’ in the US for training ‘roadshow’

The 492nd Fighter Squadron ‘Madhatters’ are winding up a five-week training ‘roadshow’ in the US. Based at … Read More

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