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USAF F-35As commence debut combat deployment

The US Air Force has commenced the first combat deployment for its F-35A Lightning IIs. Six F-35As departed Hill AFB, Utah, transitted … Read More


The loud and distinctive roar of dual Pratt & Whitney J-52 engines at MCAS Cherry Point was consigned to history on March 8 as … Read More

Marine Harriers set for extended service

The 2019 US Marine Corps TACAIR plan is out, and for Harrier fans it makes great reading. The Corps says it now plans to retain its … Read More

‘Blacksnakes’ in contact

When the Indiana Air National Guard’s 163rd Fighter Squadron ‘Blacksnakes’ deployed to Central Command (CENTCOM) in 2014, it … Read More

F-15X: the story of the USAF’s new Eagle

The US Air Force looks set to purchase its first new F-15 Eagles since 2001 — so what has spurred this move? US Air Force Secretary … Read More

Indian fighter contest hots up

On April 6, 2018, the IAF issued a Request for Information for the procurement of new fighters, writes Angad Singh. This was for ‘approximately … Read More

‘Vega 31’ Nighthawk shootdown — 20 years on

The end of the Cold War triggered the collapse of European communism and subsequent breakup of Yugoslavia, Paul Crickmore wrote in … Read More

UK orders Wedgetail airborne early warning aircraft

British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has signed a $1.98bn deal to purchase five Boeing E-7 aircraft, it has been announced. The … Read More

USAF light attack not dead

Citing budget uncertainly, the USAF indefinitely delayed its planned release of a request for proposals associated with the acquisition … Read More

Final Prowler flight

Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron Two (VMAQ-2) ‘Death Jesters’ was formally deactivated in a ceremony at Marine … Read More

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